Linden Communication @ Media Farm

Production & Post-Production Services

Production and Post Services

Professional HD & 4K Video Production & Post-Production Services

Writing & Script Development


Transcriptions of Interviews (Microsoft Word PC & Mac)

4K Production Equipment:

Panasonic AG350 4K/UHD/HD Camera w/dual SD cards/SDI Connections

Panasonic HCX-1000 4K/UHD/HD Camera w/dual SD cards

14" Portable 4K Monitor

Sachtler fluid head (heavy duty) tripod

Manfrotto fluid head tripod w/extender
Glide-Cam Pro16, professional image stablization unit

Audio Production Equipment:

4- Wireless Sennheiser lavaliers and 3-Sony ECM lavaliers

1- Wireless Sennheiser cardioid mic
1-Audio Technica shotgun mic w/boom pole

Shure audio mixer 4 I/O line & mic level and 4 track separations

PreSonus StudioLive Mixer/Recorder SD Card 6-Channel 6 Track Mixer

Lighting: Location & Studio

Arriflex 5-light Fresnel kit, 2-Lowell 1K lights & 1-Mole-Richardson 1K

2-iKan IB500 LED Flood Lights: 3200K to 6200K (AC or Battery powered)

2-On camera portable LED lights

7-Chimera soft boxes, color gels, cookies and gobos

Grip Package, boom mic, light stands, 4-silver, gold and white reflectors
2-Mole Richardson C-stands, rigging cables & clamps

Greenscreen 12'x20' flexible cotton material or paper w/rigging bar & stands
8'x12' portable pop-open Greenscreen
Portable Interview backdrops w/rigging bar & stands

Manfrotto Mega Boom & Mole Richardson w/wheels for booms or lighting support

360 Production: 1 to 4 Person Crew

Insta 360 Pro camera with iPad remote controller app
Records in three resolutions (4K.6K.8K) 6-Cameras in one 360 Camera Housing. Capture 360 VR content in Stereoscopic 3D or Monoscopic 2D

Call for an Estimate (434) 242-3907

4K Post-Production Equipment:

Post Production Editing/Animation Hardware includes:

Video/Audio, Motion Graphics & Audio Sweetening

iMac-Pro HD/5K Monitor/4K & 360 editing

MacPro, 4K/HD editing

MacBook Pro Laptop, 4K/HD Editing, 3-4K Studio Monitors

MacBook Air Laptop

Animation & Motion Graphics

Post-Production Editing Software & Hardware

Adope Premier CC 2024 Adobe Suite Software (HD/4K/360 VR)
Final Cut Pro X 10.6.5 (UHD/4K/360 VR)
Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 (Legacy SD/HD Projects)

Autodesk Flame, Color Correcting & Motion Graphics

Maya & Blender for Animation & Motion Graphics
Adobe Audition On-Location Version 2024 audio recording & editing

PreSonus StudioLive ARB USB 6 Channel Mixer with 6 track separations

Legacy Client Services (Call/email for estimates)

DVD authoring includes: interactive menu design and mastering

DVD duplication includes: DVD media and label printing

VHS and Reel to Reel A/V transfers to MP4 HD files

4K Video Production Crew Packages & Day Rates (Based On 10 Hours)
Half Day Rates & Hourly Rates Available Per Project

Crew of 1: 4K camera operator (videographer)

Day Rate $1500 includes portable LED light & wireless mic

Crew of 2: 1-4K camera operator & A/V assistant or 2-4K cams

Day Rate $2500 includes portable LED lighting & wireless mics

Crew of 3: Producer, 2-4K camera operators, audio technician

Day Rate $4000 includes full lighting package & audio package

Crew of 4: Producer, 2-4K camera operators, audio technician & A/V assistant

Day Rate $5000 includes Producer, full lighting & audio packages

Half Day Rates available at 70%

Producer/Director Editors Audio Engineer
VFX & Motion Graphics Camera Operators Writers

Charlottesville, Virginia mobile 434.242.3907